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FLOAT, (Mixed media installation, dimensions variable).
FLOAT, (Mixed media installation, dimensions variable).

Third Space (Rockwood Park Duck Pond), Saint John NB. Float is part of an ongoing project primarily executed with materials composed of plastic and rope. Juliusson’s project attempts to “gently interfere or augment natural environments and the urban landscape.”

“I developed a series of objects with which to articulate a response to Saint John and/or its environs. It is an unfamiliar city, community, and landscape. Therefore, as a starting point for locating and imagining myself in the area from a distance, examined maps – weather maps, historical maps, and topographical maps, and maps of the Saint John River Basin as well as graphs indicating tidal flow,” says Juliusson. “From these maps, and other yet to be discovered references when the work is installed, a narrative about Saint John and I, from which imagined, transformed and abstracted versions of the city emerge.”

thirdspacegallery.ca/ partnered with Rockwood Park for this exhibition.